Future travel for school groups


Since Covid-19 pandemic and worldwide lockdowns with travel restrictions, All Africa Tours has been preparing for when the re-opening of borders happens to allow for safe educational travel once more. In South Africa, we see [...]

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Americans travelling to Africa


From exploring the souks of Morocco to encountering an incredible array of wildlife on safari in Namibia or enjoying the white sand and turquoise waters of the Seychelles, Africa has something for everyone. Luckily, USA passport holders can travel to many African nations either without a visa, or in some cases can simply purchase a visa on arrival. However, the visa rules vary from country to country and can be complex.

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Questioning the new visa laws for children travelling to South Africa


A school group coming to South Africa met with disaster when they arrived at Heathrow on Thursday, 16 July 2015. Thirteen of the children were refused permission to fly to South Africa as they had a document without a solicitor's stamp. This created anxiety for the entire group as it meant that 2 teachers needed to stay behind with that group whilst the rest continued on their journey to South Africa with mixed emotions. What a dampener for all!

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A week to remember


Our week away organised by All Africa Tours was a week to remember. From Robertson in the Breede River Valley to Hermanus in the Overberg, gave us a variety of experiences just a few hours outside Cape Town.

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Activities for children during the school holidays – updated 2020


For those rainy days when your children can't be outdoors, visit the Two Oceans Aquarium and Scratch Patch / Mineral World in Cape Town. When the weather clears, pack a picnic and head to Rondevlei Nature Reserve for some bird watching or Boulders Beach to view the African Penguin. A full day sight seeing on the red tourist bus is also a must.

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Okavango Anniversary Surprise


"Our 15th Wedding Anniversary was coming up and I was wondering what to do that would rival or compare with Paris (5th) or Rome (10th)? I wanted it to be closer to home this time and the Okavango Delta in Botswana sprang to mind," says Scott.

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Proudly South African


What do the youth feel about their country? Do they reflect what is portrayed in the media? Read a 16 year old's reasons for being proudly South African.

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Visit West Patagonia


Liz Brash of Cape Town, South Africa says: February 2012, Sandy and I travelled to South America to participate in a 3 day trail run from Puerto Fuy in Chile to Lago Lacar in Argentina. What an awesome experience.

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Outdoor Cooking


At the end of the day when the sun is setting, it is amazing how the stomach juices seem to wake up from their afternoon hibernation. This is especially true when you are outdoors, close to nature. Any cook worth their salt, wants to be able to whip up a tasty meal no matter where they are. Cooking outdoors is easy if you know how.

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