My son’s high school field study trip to South Africa through SES and All Africa tours was life changing for him.  Not only did he feel lucky to see penguins and lions in their natural habitats, study the unique ecosystems of the various velds, but he was able to learn about the history of Apartheid from several perspectives while visiting significant sites of one of his childhood heroes—Nelson Mandela. It was in his exposure to these historic places, in conjunction with the well-researched and engaging teaching style of Julie, that had the greatest impact on him.  The care that she took with both the instruction, and of  the students encouraged him to grow as both a learner and as a person.  He returned from South Africa with a renewed interest in African History, an appreciation  for the natural world, an understanding of the triumph and sacrifices of reconciliation, a deepened compassion for others, and a desire to help Thulani and his organization in Kliptown.

Written by Kathleen Westgard, mother of Andrew