The worst part of any holiday trip is finding the time and energy to do the planning and booking required to make it happen. Ensuring that all personal and travel related documentation is up to date and available is equally taxing. Wonderful potential holidays often just don’t happen because of this, or do,  with consequent associated planning mishaps or disappointment as a result of a ‘last minute’ approach. Most of us need help.

Julie and Scott Womack provided just this right service to enable our travel dreams to materialise.

They helped our family to plan and book a five week European adventure. They provided advice on the routes chosen, transport and documentation required and researched available activities and tourist sites to suit our specific needs. They sourced cost effective flights,  a car and accommodation. It was also invaluable to have regular reminders for meeting a variety of deadlines in the process. So too were the checklists for Visa requirements, packing and financial documentation back- ups! This all  provides peace of mind while you continue to juggle normal day to day demands in the run up to a ‘holiday of a lifetime’

Julie and Scott’s service is personal, warm and friendly. We highly recommend this  professional service.

Don’t hesitate to contact All Africa Tours.

Written by Dawn Jackson from Cape Town, South Africa on 24 August 2012