All Africa Tours did a wonderful job of organizing a very exciting tour for our girls. We had a wonderful time and we went to many interesting places. Julie was phenomenal with the girls, and I loved her enthusiasm. She is extremely well organized and everything went ahead without any glitches.

The girls were kept busy and I thought that the flip files were an excellent idea. The parents thoroughly enjoyed paging through the files and seeing what their daughters got up to. The DVD that was posted to us was well edited and gave a good reflection of the tour. The girls enjoyed watching the DVD and we had many laughs as we spotted all the crazy things that we did. I am sure they will treasure their copy for a long time.

I thought it was great that Julie’s husband and daughter joined us for some of the activities. It gave the tour a ‘family feeling’ and they helped the girls quite a bit. All the places that we visited were well thought out and the activities in the flip files related well to these places. The girls loved the free time they were given but I do think they would have enjoyed more free time at the beach. The best part of the trip for me was having dinner on Clifton Beach. It was great to see how ‘Capetonians’ live and what us Jo-burgers are missing out on! It was truly beautiful and the girls had so much fun playing on the beach at sunset. The girls thoroughly enjoyed Table Mountain and tobogganing. It was great to do a fun activity and for them to experience something different. Julie’s idea of allowing the girls to order their own food at the restaurants was fantastic and the girls felt very independent.

I am extremely impressed with All Africa Tours and I will definitely consider using them again for future tours. Julie is fantastic at what she does, and it is clear that she has a true passion for children and Cape Town. Thank you to Julie and her family for a wonderful tour, the girls will never forget it! Many new friendships were made and lasting memories were created.

Claire Button, St Andrew’s Girls’ School, Johannesburg SA, November 2011

Claire Button

Claire (on the right)