Pilanesberg Camp for children

Pilanesberg National Park is situated in the Bojanala Region of the North West Province, adjacent to Sun City – just 2 hours away from Johannesburg or Pretoria.

The crater of a long extinct volcano is the setting of Pilanesberg – a fascinating alkaline complex produced by volcanic eruptions some 1300 million years ago. Pilanesberg is one of the largest volcanic complexes of its kind in the world.  Its rare rock types and structure make it a unique geological feature.

Pilanesberg accommodates virtually every mammal of southern Africa and is also home Africa’s Big Five. A wide variety of rare and common species exist like the nocturnal brown hyena, cheetah, sable, as well as giraffe, zebra, hippo and crocodile, to mention but a few.Pilanesberg National Park

5 Day Itinerary


DAY 1: School to Pilanesberg

Travel to Pilanesberg National Park from your school. Lunch on arrival followed by orientation lesson and camp rules. Free time to settle into dorms and to explore the campsite. Late afternoon lesson on the history of Pilanesberg and its unique geology.  After supper sitting around the campfire, star gazing and braaiing marshmallows under African sky. Evening discussion with a ranger on the need for conservation.

DAY 2: Pilanesberg and game driving

Straight after breakfast early morning game drive to find the ‘Big 5’. After lunch, a lesson and worksheets on food chains and ecology of the savanna grasslands. Late afternoon nature walk. Return to base for supper followed by a drama practice for last night’s concert and ‘chill’ time to end the day.

 DAY 3: Pilanesberg and The Valley of Waves

Straight after breakfast head off to Sun City and spend the morning at the crocodile sanctuary at Kwena Gardens. Lunch at Valley of the Waves followed by an afternoon of fun in the wave pool and exhilarating waterslides. Return to base for a group work activity and drama practice. Evening – wild life video.

DAY 4: Pilanesberg and Predator World

Travel to Predator World outside Sun City for the zoo tour and a treasure hunt.  Back at Pilanesberg camp for lunch and swimming followed by a late afternoon game drive into the reserve. Supper followed by concerts that ends the day with lots of fun and laughter.

DAY 5: Pilanesberg to School

After breakfast game drive to spot the ‘Big Cats’ – the king of predators. Return to camp for lunch and camp closure. Pack up and begin the journey back to school. Take home an appreciation for wildlife and conservation, pupil/teacher bonding experience, smiles and warm memories for a life time.


The Pilanesberg Camp for kids aims to:

  • Let the children see and experience the diversity of the fauna and flora of the savanna grasslands.
  • Guide the children in understanding the role of food chains and basic ecology.
  • Study the role of predators in the food chain.
  • Experience the smells, sights and sounds of the animals during the day.
  • Teach the children about our role in conservation and ‘being good stewards’ of our environment.
  • Look at anti poaching methods and the plight of the rhino.
  • Explore the role of nature reserves in the world today.
  • Be filled with fun and adventure.
  • Introduce the urban child to camping and learning to manage themselves and their possessions.
  • Complete worksheets for each day’s itinerary with the purpose of teaching and learning.
  • For South Africans, this Outdoor Educational experience is linked to the SA curriculum.

Tour Journal

As an optioanl part of the tour, each child will need a 10p flip file to store the ± 10 worksheets that cover the educational content and list of what to bring on camp.


The cost will  depend on transport needed and distance travelled. Cost will include all bookings, meals, accommodation, equipment, entrance fees, activities, guiding fees, coach , driver’s costs, pro rata costs of the teachers and master copies of all the worksheets.

Julie Womack is a qualified South African primary school teacher with 29 years teaching experience.  She has organised and led more than 20 school tours to Cape Town, West Coast, the Garden Route, Pilanesberg, Mpumalanga and Kruger National Park.  She is  offering her services to help you with your Outdoor Education Programme by organising a trip for your class. She is also available to go with you on the tour and do the tour guiding and managing.


  1. There must be at least one teacher / 18 pupils.
  2. The teachers are responsible for their pupils on the bus, at the different places, restaurants and at night until the children are asleep.
  3. The children must supply their own 10p flip file.
  4. The worksheets need to be rolled off by the school at least 10 days before the trip as they include the final itinerary and a list informing the children what to bring on the tour. These will be emailed to you a month before the tour begins.
  5. Every child’s parents will be required to fill in an indemnity form and emergency form with contact details.  This will be emailed to you a month in advance.
  6. The school needs to supply a comprehensive First Aid kit to accompany the children on tour and to have obtained written permission from the parents for the teachers to administer non- prescriptive  medicines.  A list of recommended medicines is available.
  7. If Julie is required to accompany the group, the teachers are to take full responsibility for the behaviour of the children especially at night.

Booking Information

For more information please feel free to Contact Us or make a Booking Enquiry online.

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