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We are teachers designing tours for teachers.

Julie has 29 years experience in the classroom. She has organised, overseen and guided school tours along the KarooGarden Route, Kruger National Park, Mpumalanga, West Coast and Cape Town. Julie can help you organise an Outdoor Education Tour for your 12 – 18 + year olds anywhere in South Africa. Our educational tours include hands-on educational activities, team building tasks, conflict resolution, outdoor adventure, physical challenges, solitude, reflection and recreation time. Adventure Tours that qualify for the President’s Award or Duke of Edinburgh can also be arranged by All Africa Tours.

“There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million.” Walt Streightiff

Why choose All Africa Tours to plan your Outdoor Education Programme?

Experience: All Africa Tours has experience with planning and organising: adult, family and school tours for more than 19 years. We know what ‘works’ for children and teens. We are all teachers designing tours for teachers.

Education: All Africa Tours is passionate about the environment and education, believing that we should be ‘lifelong learners’. We don’t want you to miss out on the ‘wow’ moments and so we shall endeavour to create them as part of your tour. We are the only tour company that includes an optional prepared educational handbook for the children. It is full of information and activities that are stimulating, educational and age appropriate. Our tours can be linked to the curriculum and formal assessments are included on request.

‘I love my Knysna Tour Manual. It is the one school book I’ll always keep,’ says Mercedes, a second year marketing student.

Safety: All Africa Tours is very safety conscious especially with children. We commit a lot of research into choosing: safe destinations, safe transport and accommodation. Only reputable airlines, overland and bus companies are chosen. All buses will be equipped with seatbelts and up to date roadworthy certificates. Julie has a ‘Basic Emergency Care’ – First Aid : Level Three qualification and Scott has Level 1. A Risk Management Plan for each tour can be arranged laying out the potential risks at each site, how they will be minimized and how emergencies will be managed.

Cost: All Africa Tours is able to obtain good rates for transport, accommodation and entrance fees and these we pass on to you the client. This helps to have an excellent outdoor experience for less than you could arrange it yourself. For our tours, we have chosen good, clean accommodation in B&Bs, hotels and lodges with excellent views and healthy (but child-friendly) restaurant menus. We also offer camping and dorm type accommodation.

All Africa Tours is offering schools, a variety of educational tours in South Africa

1. Cape Town Tours for children

The focus of this tour is on the diverse culture of Cape Town due to its past as a Dutch and British colony, slavery and Apartheid (racial segregation). It also focuses on the Cape Floral Kingdom, the richest plant kingdom in the world, the scenic beauty of the peninsula and Table Mountain, one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World. This tour is also full of adventure in the great outdoors. An outreach or service work programme can also be added onto this tour.

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2. The Karoo and Garden Route tours for children

This tour focuses on the last few indigenous forests left in South Africa,  the forest’s diverse fauna and flora, nocturnal and diurnal animals. It looks at the plight of the elephant in this region as well. This tour also includes  numerous adventure activities and scenic hikes.

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3. Mpumalanga and Kruger Park for children

The focus of this tour is on responsible conservation of wildlife. It also looks at the plight of some species in
Africa and our responsibilities. The children are introduced to camping, African flavours and caring for the outdoors. It also includes the panoramic views and culture of Mpumalanga Province.

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4. West Coast adventures for children

The focus of the this tour is on coastal fauna and flora of the Cape Floral Kingdom, the industries from the different sectors of the economy along the West Coast of South Africa, fossils and paleontology and different adventure sports such as mountain biking and kayaking.

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5. Pilanesberg camp for children

The focus of the this tour is on the animals of the savanna especially the large mammals and predators as part of the food chain. It looks at predators in general as well as reptiles. This camp also includes fun activities at The Valley of the Waves in Sun City. Onto this tour one can include a visit to a cheetah sanctuary as well as a visit to a cultural village.

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