Frequently Asked Questions

Why another touring company?

Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries. For every 1 tourist in South Africa, 8 people are employed. Tourism lifts economies.

What makes All Africa Tours different?photo of a tourist

All Africa Tours is passionate about travel, nature, ecotourism and family holidays. We also cater for a variety of budgets from 5 star to very basic having done both ourselves. For family and school tours, we include an optional handbook for each child. The handbook is full of information and activities that are fun, educational and age appropriate. We are also teachers designing tours for teachers. Our tours are full of variety as we want to ‘wow’ you with creation.

Why called All Africa Tours ?

We are based in Cape Town, the southern tip from Africa. Our tours reach into all the provinces of South Africa.

What is ecotourism?

Photo of a game walk through KrugerThe Ecotourism Society defines it as “responsible travel to natural areas which conserves the environment and improves the welfare of the local people”. To judge whether your tour is eco-friendly, look at whether it is helping to improve awareness and / or benefitting the environment and local cultures in some way.

Ecotourism should also be ‘Sustainable Tourism’. This means that the tour is not reducing the availability of resources nor inhibiting future travellers from enjoying the same experience. All Africa Tours aims to design tours that are responsible and do not have a negative impact on the environment.

What is All Africa Tours commitment to ‘Responsible Tourism’?

Economic Impact

All Africa Tours endeavours to encourage tourists to buy the local products of the country visited, thus helping local communities with sustainability, employment and creativity. All Africa Tours also aims to use accommodation owned and/or managed by local inhabitants whenever possible. All Africa Tours uses local guides with specialist skills, knowledge with the perspective of the area visited thus providing employment and upliftment for the local community.

Social Impact

All Africa Tours endeavours to include personal interaction with local communities in their itineraries so that tourists can learn about local cultures and traditions. All Africa Tours offers encouragement, support and education to local guides and/or communities that they encounter so as to motivate, empower and raise further awareness of conservation of all natural environments. All Africa Tours encourages tourists to respect  local communities and to aim to learn from them, their culture and way of life.

Environmental Impact

All Africa Tours aims to uphold the ethos of conservation, preservation,  and respect for the natural and built environments. All Africa Tours will endeavour to reduce the carbon footprint of each tourist by encouraging recycling, using eco friendly products, using renewable energy whenever possible and education on water conservation and waste management. All Africa Tours plans to include awareness, appreciation and experience of the natural environment in all their tours.

Is South Africa safe?a couple of 4x4 vehicles

In our opinion, South Africa is safe if you are circumspect. We don’t recommend you travel on your own. Always travel with companions, be it two or three. We will endeavour to take local conditions and circumstances into account when planning your trip to South Africa. We do give all customers safety tips when travelling through South Africa. Read our safety tips for travellers.

When and where must I take malaria prophylaxes?

In South Africa, the region from Northern Kwazulu Natal to the north of Kruger National Park, it is necessary to take malaria prophylaxes. It is recommended by doctors to take some form of prophylaxes during high risk seasons i.e. summer. We recommend that some form of protection be used throughout the year e.g. insect repellents; cover your arms, legs, ankles and feet as the sun sets; burn mosquito coils, use ceiling fans and sleep under mosquito nets. (USA site) (UK site) (SA site)

What vaccinations and medicines do I need when travelling?

It depends on the time of year that you are travelling and if there is a threat of a particular disease at that time. The best place to go for up to date advice, is your local Travel Clinic. We recommend you take with you on holiday: a broad spectrum antibiotic, diarrhoea meds, anti nausea tablets, plasters, anti septic, antihistamine, headache tablets, sterilising hand lotion and throat lozenges.

Can I tour on a very small budget?

Photo of a guest house in IstanbulYes, you can travel on a tight budget by using local transport and sleeping in shared accommodation, hostels or camping. Shared accommodation in a hostel or backpackers can be as little as ZAR250 per person per day.

When do I need visas?Photo of Scott outside Buckingham palace

It depends on your country of origin and current passport and the politics of the day e.g. at the moment all children under 18 travelling into South Africa need an unabridged birth certificate, letters on consent from the parents mentioned with copies or their passports.

Question not answered?

Send us an email with your question and we’d be happy to answer it for you:

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